Forced evictions continue in several Brazilian states, in stark contrast to recent improvements in Brazilian law on this issue. Many evictions are carried out without prior consultation with or adequate notice to members of the affected communities. Those evicted from their homes are rarely, if ever, offered sufficient compensation.

Often, a policy of slum clearance is used to make way for development projects that do not take into account the rights or needs of those made homeless. Those made homeless in urban areas are frequently threatened and attacked by the police. 
There are fears that the practice of forced eviction in several states in Brazil could get worse during preparations for the upcoming World Cup and Olympic Games in Brazil. Several evictions are already planned for the implementation of infrastructure and urbanization projects related to the two mega-events.
Quilombo communities are routinely subjected to the threat of eviction from their lands by land owners, mining companies and private developers. This has led to Quilombo communities being deprived of their natural resources and means for economic survival. Their traditions and cultures have also been damaged.